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Chengli refrigerated truck factory, it makes all truck brands refrigerated van trucks, including Dongfeng, Howo, Foton, FAW, JAC, Beiben, Shacman, Isuzu, …

  • Chengli Group successfully dispatched 10 Dongfeng Tianjin KR refrigerated trucks overseas

    Recently, Chengli Group successfully dispatched 10 Dongfeng Tianjin KR refrigerated trucks overseas. Chengli Group is one of China’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, renowned for its high-quality products and exceptional technology.   The Dongfeng Tianjin KR refrigerated truck is a significant product of Chengli Group, highly regarded for its outstanding performance, efficient refrigeration systems, and reliable transportation capabilities. These vehicles are …

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    What is refrigerated truck? The refrigerated vehicle is a refrigerated transport vehicle equipped with refrigerating units, refrigerating devices and special insulation boxes for the cold chain. Refrigerated vehicles can be classified by manufacturer, chassis carrying capacity, and compartment type.   What is the purpose of refrigerated truck? Refrigerated trucks are often used to transport frozen foods (such as ice cream, …

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    First,Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is the core enterprise of Hubei Chengli Group and a large automobile manufacturing enterprise designated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to produce all kinds of special purpose vehicles. The company is located in Suizhou City, Hubei Province, and has a manufacturing base in the southern suburb of Zengdu District, Zengdu Economic and …

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