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November 13, 2023

What is refrigerated truck?

The refrigerated vehicle is a refrigerated transport vehicle equipped with refrigerating units, refrigerating devices and special insulation boxes for the cold chain. Refrigerated vehicles can be classified by manufacturer, chassis carrying capacity, and compartment type.


What is the purpose of refrigerated truck?

Refrigerated trucks are often used to transport frozen foods (such as ice cream, frozen meat products) and dairy products, some large supermarkets also require beverages to be transported in refrigerated trucks to reach the temperature before they are unloaded (milk trucks) ,vegetables and fruits and live products to transport vaccines and medicines (vaccine trucks).

Our production process

Firstly, determine the design drawings and prepare materials

Determine the vehicle size and compartment size, then measure the chassis size, design the vehicle drawings, and finally the technical staff according to the drawings die and blanking.

Secondly, Box production

The box plate is pressed and formed by a 20-meter large laminating machine. The plate is made by wet bonding process, heated and pressurized by special laminating machine equipment, and pressed into a closed, organic whole by using fiberglass skin and flame retardant polymer polyurethane material.

The box board is made of sandwich sandwich structure, the inner and outer layers are 3mm fiberglass, the middle layer is 8cm polyurethane insulation board, and then reinforced with fiber felt and wood blocks. The unsaturated resin glue is poured on the sandwich structure, and then pressed for 2 hours by positive pressure process, curing and forming with high strength.

Third. Combined box splicing
After the boxes are made, the next step is to splice the boxes together. The insulation of the compartment depends on the tightness of the closed compartment. First of all, the pressed car plate is spliced one by one in the large car body assembly rack, and then it is locked with stainless steel screws, and the surrounding splicing gaps are bonded with unsaturated resin, and it is left for 24 hours.

Fouth. Decorate the top

Install accessories in turn: lock the door buckle, the profile around the body, the door sealant seal, the edge of the strip, the led light, the anti-collision block, the reflector, etc. After completion, the whole vehicle is cleaned, and finally the body is hoisted and installed on the chassis for electrical connection test.

Fivth. Installation of refrigeration units

Chiller professionals install compressors, evaporators and condensers, and then repeat the cold test.


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